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Brunswick Stew

Recently, I smoked a pork butt and had some leftover, so I decided to make a Brunswick stew. For those of you that haven't tried making Brunswick Stew in the past for fear it was hard, let me reassure you that it is easier than you think, and a must try--one pot dish and cook low/slow.


Acorn Squash Soup

Recently, we had some friends over, so I decided to make soup as the first course--but not just any soup, Acorn Squash! This dish isn't a quickie, but well worth it!

Venison Stew

Recently I went hunting with my brother and was able to put meat in the freezer. My wife isn't a big venison fan, so I always try to come up with ways to hide the wild game flavor. For those of you that enjoy venison this is a no brainer. But, if you don't like venison, just substitute beef instead. My favorite part of this meal--easy clean-up as you make it all in one pot.


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