Welcome to the Cooking Husband! This is not your ordinary cooking site, but a cooking site for men looking to help in the kitchen. The cooking industry has few sites specifically geared toward men, but now, you can make us your one stop shop!

The Man Burger!

Hope everyone is having a great 4th of July weekend. Last night I decided to make the ultimate man burger. Now I know this site is dedicated to us guys' cooking at home for others but this recipe is for us. So if you like a burger and a man size burger, this is for you. Lets cook!

Fish Tacos

Let's say you are in the dog house and you know she likes fish tacos. I have a recipe for you to cook that not only will get you out of trouble... but will even help you earn some hall passes. The preparation doesn't take long, but you need to make sure to let the fish sit in the blackening spices, so total time will take longer than 30 minutes.
Lets cook!


Thai Chicken Coconut Soup

Thai chicken coconut soup is packed with flavor and, from start to finish, it only takes 30 minutes total to prepare! This soup has some spice to it, but it will have your place smelling great.
Let's cook!


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