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Baked Jerk Chicken

Baked Jerk Chicken with your own jerk season will certainly get you out of the dog house. Be sure to tell her the jerk seasoning is homemade and since you have been a jerk, you making jerk chicken was an appropriate apology. This dish is easy to make and has rich flavors for her.

Let's cook!

Sea Bass & Monkfish in a Tomato Parsley Sauce

Want to get those final points for Valentines Day? Does she like lobster or sea bass? If you answered yes to both of these questions, save the trouble of crazy restaurants and cook for her. You can buy Monkfish at Whole Foods and this fish is very similar lobster... trust me, just try it. If you aren't sure about Monkfish, you can just use the Sea Bass. I chose to use both for this dish.

Let's cook!

Skirt Steak with Roasted Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts

Busy trying to get things ready for the last football game of the season today? This week, you'll need to make something that goes together quickly with great flavor, so why not skirt steak? For this dish, I used Brussels sprouts but you can change that for broccoli if you prefer.

Let's cook!


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