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Thai Chicken Coconut Soup

Thai chicken coconut soup is packed with flavor and, from start to finish, it only takes 30 minutes total to prepare! This soup has some spice to it, but it will have your place smelling great.
Let's cook!

Southwestern Hash

Breakfast-for-dinner and this dish has some heat to spice things up. I love hash, and thought the way to add some great flavor was to put in some Mexican chorizo. This is a quickie so time to cook!

Skirt Steak with Roasted Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts

Busy trying to get things ready for the last football game of the season today? This week, you'll need to make something that goes together quickly with great flavor, so why not skirt steak? For this dish, I used Brussels sprouts but you can change that for broccoli if you prefer.

Let's cook!


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