The Man Burger!

Hope everyone is having a great 4th of July weekend. Last night I decided to make the ultimate man burger. Now I know this site is dedicated to us guys' cooking at home for others but this recipe is for us. So if you like a burger and a man size burger, this is for you. Lets cook!


1lb ground beef
1lb ground pork
1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
2tbsp onion powder
2tbsp garlic powder
1/2 cup bread crumbs
1 egg
salt and pepper to taste

I did Guacamole and Tater Tots

Step 1: 

In a large bowl add all the ingredients. Good time to preheat the grill if you are using charcoal like me.

Step 2: 

Get your hands dirty and mix well until everything is combined.

Step 3: 

Now time for the fun--make the burgers man size! I also did one for my 4 year old daughter.

Step 4: 

Here is a close up and make sure you let them rest for an hour or longer in the frig covered.

Step 5: 

Place the burgers on a hot grill.

Step 6: 

Don't press down on the burger and I let mine cook 10 minutes on each side.

Step 7: 

Time to add the cheese.

Step 8: 

I let the burger rest for 5 minutes before I served.


Closing Remarks: 

You can add anything on this burger including BACON! Happy 4th and happy grilling.

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