Potato Leek Soup

Ok fellas, this dish isn't a quickie, but one thing is for sure... you will work your magic in the kitchen to get out of the dog house on this one. Winter = hearty soup. Potato leek soup is perfect and you will slave in the kitchen but she will thank you for it later... and thank us! Let's cook!

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Its cold and football season is wrapping up, so why not start the year off with big points at home? Chicken tortilla soup + cold weather + you cooking in the kitchen = extra brownie points! This dish is easy to make and has lots of flavor, which will WOW her. Just remember...your back is really sore from all of that work over the stove...maybe a nice back rub from your lady is in order to show her thanks.

Duck Breast With Red Wine Sauce

Like duck? Does she like duck? If so, this is the duck dish for you. This is an easy dish to make, but reminder, when you are telling her how long it took to make, it took 3 hours to make and your back killing you from standing in the kitchen for so long (you're welcome).

Let's cook!


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