The Dog House

Herb and Mustard Sirloin

So you are in the dog house and you need to make steak but no grill? Here is a great dish. Typically I don’t eat sirloin due to how tough the meat is, however piercing both sides of the steak with a fork helps it get tender. I am a big fan of mustard based sauce.

So time to make some grub
Let’s cook!

She-crab Soup

Dinner tonight, she-crab soup. This is not a meal I would make over the weekday due to the time and effort it takes to make this meal, but for a raining weekend soup, this hit the spot.
Let’s cook!


Pork Chops with Bourbon Sauce

Ever wonder how you can change up those pork chops and get out of the dog house at the same time? Ever wanted to make a sauce with bourbon? Well, cheers to bourbon and you getting out of the dog house with this!

Let’s cook!


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