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Guys, let's talk gadgets--and I am not talking about the TV remote.
Nothing makes a guy happier than some great barbecue. And nothing says master-of-the-BBQ like meat cooked to perfection. Want perfect barbecue every time? Well, this Oregon Scientific Wireless Thermometer hands down is the best tool I use when it comes to cooking meat to perfection.
Are you cooking beef? Or chicken or hamburgers? Or maybe even pork, fish, turkey, veal or lamb? There's a setting for that. Do you like it still mooing or extra well done? There's a setting for that, too. The adjustable stand lets you set it down so you can drink your beer with the guys while still keeping an eye on the grill. Or you can flip the stand to bat-utility-belt mode and clip it to your belt for that all important run to the kitchen to grab the BBQ sauce (or another beer). It alerts you five degrees from done so you can pull the meat off in time to let it finish cooking and let the juices redistribute.
Get one today and when you cook using this tool, you will be a master chef at home with your perfectly cooked meat. Gadgetry never tasted so good!

Grab one from Amazon for you or a friend for under $30!!
Oregon Scientific Wireless BBQ Thermometer at Amazon


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