A guys wine opener

Many men would agree that enjoying a glass of wine or watching the ladies sipping a glass of wine is a very relaxing thing, yet uncorking wine is can be like taking off a lady's bra--complicated! There's nothing more annoying than the first time you learned you would have to remove her bra and you figure out that the straps were essentially made to be guy proof. Well, the same is true with wrestling with a corkscrew. Fortunately for us guys, we now have a site that bands us together so we can solve this problem, so let's start.

Manufacturers have many different wine opener options today, and a lot of them are down right expensive and more complicated to operate than women. I have tried many different kinds, and can honestly say I've found one that is easy to use, and doesn't break the bank (guys, just a tip, but you should use some of the money you save on the corkscrew to buy a nicer bottle of wine for your lady...trust me, they will appreciate it). My choice is lever style corkscrew, which I call the easy access wine opener. It's simple, yet very effective. All you have to do is grab onto the wine bottle with the two sides of the handle, which grips the bottle and holds it in place in the front and back, press down on the lever and a metal rod is driven into the screw. You pull the lever back and boom it removes the cork from the bottle. With just a few short moves, you have your nice bottle of wine open, and within a few glasses for you and your lady, then the magic can happen! Now, all that is left is trying to maneuver the bra off, which is clearly more tricky than opening your wine with this foolproof opener. Good luck!! **This is not a paid endorsement-merely my opinion based on lots of personal research.**

They do carry one on Amazon under the name True Fabrications Nautilus Wine Opener Set. Using that link will help out The Cooking Husband so if you are going to get one, get it now!


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