The Dog House

Fish Tacos

Let's say you are in the dog house and you know she likes fish tacos. I have a recipe for you to cook that not only will get you out of trouble... but will even help you earn some hall passes. The preparation doesn't take long, but you need to make sure to let the fish sit in the blackening spices, so total time will take longer than 30 minutes.
Lets cook!


Baked Jerk Chicken

Baked Jerk Chicken with your own jerk season will certainly get you out of the dog house. Be sure to tell her the jerk seasoning is homemade and since you have been a jerk, you making jerk chicken was an appropriate apology. This dish is easy to make and has rich flavors for her.

Let's cook!

Potato Leek Soup

Ok fellas, this dish isn't a quickie, but one thing is for sure... you will work your magic in the kitchen to get out of the dog house on this one. Winter = hearty soup. Potato leek soup is perfect and you will slave in the kitchen but she will thank you for it later... and thank us! Let's cook!


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